Hayden Uses 🖥️

What do I use on a day to day basis?

Here's the technology I use on a day to day basis! Inspired heavily by uses.tech and other people with pages similar to this.



  • I operate with Fedora 35 and GNOME (I use Linux btw);
  • I browse the web with Firefox;
  • I code with Visual Studio Code;
  • I make music with Logic Pro;
  • I make graphics with the Affinity suite and Figma.


  • I send emails with Migadu, Spark Mail and Geary;
  • I stay organised with Notion;
  • I take notes with Nebo;
  • I serve websites with my own infrastructure, Vercel and GitHub Pages;
  • I listen to music with Tidal, Apple Music and my own CDs;
  • I manage domains with Cloudflare and Namecheap;
  • I manage versions with Git and GitHub.