Hayden Brown

Web designer, graphics designer and JS programmer.

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About Me

Hi! My name is Hayden Brown, and I'm a self-taught developer and graphics designer from Leicestershire. I like to think I'm decent at both programming and design, but I am still only self-taught, and I'm still teaching myself new things, so those skills should hopefully improve over time! Mostly, my skills include JavaScript development, front-end web development (though I am working on extending that to back-end as well), graphic design and maybe a little bit of C#.


While HTML isn't technically a programming language, it's still my best language. I enjoy using it, and I can't really improve on this side of web development, because HTML is a markup language, meaning it's basically only tags and text.

CSS, oh CSS. You need it to make a website, but it's a pain sometimes. I have a decent understanding with CSS, however most of the time I can't make a website completely from scratch because I can't make my custom CSS responsive. I normally use a CSS framework, such as Bulma or Materialize. This is probably an area that I can improve upon, and likely will in the future.

JavaScript is probably also one of my main languages. I enjoy using Nodejs normally, due to features such as NPM, but I also use JS when making websites too. I've made things for websites, desktop apps and Discord bots with JS, and probably a few more. I just can't remember them!


Fancy a chat?
You can contact me by either emailing me at [email protected] or by DMing me on Discord using the tag Hayden#8989.


Like what you see and want to commission me? Great!
I do fair, cheap prices, and you'll be helping a growing developer out. To commission me, all you have to do is click me or email me at [email protected]