Graphics Work



That's right, me! I chose a simple triangle for this as it fit in well with the background that I had made. It fits in well with my brand, and the gradient is subtle but noticable. It's a fairly simple logo, but one that is easy to remember and looks nice. Overall, I like the outcome, and have made other things in the style since.



Murial was going to be a website where poeple could download wallpapers and images, similar to something like Work Hard Anywhere. In the end, it was abandoned, but I got some cool logo art from it. I wanted to base this logo on something that looked modern, and old fashioned in the same way. The handwriting-esque font and swoosh gave it a vintage look, and the gaussian blured background gave it a modern touch. Overall, I like this logo, even if it was never used.

Alunite Community


Alunite Community was a Discord community that me and a few friends made a while back. This was it's original logo, complete with custom typeface and custom background. I was quite proud of this logo for a long time, and still am to this day. It has since been replaced by a newer logo, and Alunite has since, unfortunately closed.



Hexabyte was a name I had on the internet for about 6-7 months, probably more. I ended up creating tonnes of assets for it, but this was the main logo. It features a pointy H which looks similar to a double arrow with a nice background that was found by a friend of mine. Overall, I was really happy with the outcome of this logo and the majourity of future graphics that I produced for this presence.



Topicus was a forum designed to fit everyone's needs, but was never released to the public. Hey, there's a theme here! It required a simple, yet interesting looking logo, and the logo I created, I hope, checks all those boxes. Originally, the logo was white, but the website required a favicon, and usually a white favicon doesn't show up well on web browsers. So, I added a nice gradient as a background to the final image, and here we are. The client was pleased with the outcome, even if the project was, unfortunately, cancelled.

CBS Community


CBS Community was a Discord server that one of my friends had created. They asked me to make them a logo for their server, and didn't give me a very strict brief, so I was free to do what I wanted. The logo turned out to be a combination of the three letters CBS, and I created the background by taking an image off of Pixabay and added a blue filter to it. My friend was very happy with the result and used it for the entire life of the Discord server.