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Details regarding privacy on my websites and services.

Last updated: 19/07/22

For the sake of simplicity, this privacy statement is in effect across all of my websites and services. I will try my best to show the services used in each individual location but there may be discrepancies when compared.

Table of Contents


My opinions on privacy are clear and blunt - everything should centre around protecting and informing the user.

This document exists to maintain transparency with any and all users of my websites and services. I will try my best to use language which is understandable and informative so as to make it accessible to all. If you disagree with, or simply do not like, anything listed in this document, you are free to stop using my websites and services. There is no data stored which is linked to you.

As always, if you have any questions that aren't answered in this document, feel free to contact me and I'll respond as quickly as I can.


This section shows the differing symbols referring to different types of services. Symbols below will be shown next to policies to show which types of services the policy applies to.

Symbol Service Description
Public Facing Websites Websites which are intended to be seen and used by a public audience, for example
Public Facing Services Services which are intended to be seen and used by a public audience, for example my wiki.
Internal Services & Websites Services and websites which are intended to be seen and used for internal HTBrown use only, for example Uptime Kuma.


While this document is intended to be readable by anyone, there are a few things that are best explained by a definitions section. This is here to set out some basic definitions for this document.

  • (the) site/website/page - this refers to the service or website used, for example;
  • functional - technologies and services required for the site's basic function, which are always active;
  • analytical - technologies and services used to collect data on how the website is used and functions, which are active if present when consented to;
  • internal - services hosted by (including custom services and open source projects) HTBrown on infrastructure managed by HTBrown;
  • external - services hosted outside of HTBrown on infrastructure not managed by HTBrown;
  • local - services or data stored locally on your computer;
  • tool - services or applications used to create websites.


These services and technologies are required for basic functionality and are always active. I aim to use services which collect as little data as possible.

  • Cloudflare (external) - used for SSL, DNS, basic caching and anonymous analytics such as current active sessions;
  • Cookies (local) - allows for some basic functions on the website (e.g: remembering a password);
  • GitHub (external) - used for open source code storage, often of the website;
  • Google Cloud Platform (external) - used to host branding assets through S3 buckets;
  • Jekyll (tool) - used to generate static websites;
  • jQuery (internal) - used for basic functions on the website;
  • Directus (internal) - used for back-end hosting of content on the website;
  • Unpkg (external) - used for serving some content such as icons;
  • Vercel (external) - used for hosting the website and for SSL;


These services and technologies are strictly used for analytical purposes which collect data including but not limited to: IP addresses, basic location tracking (country), basic usage data, load times, debug data. These are only active if consented to.

  • Cloudflare - anonymous analytics, always active unless the site doesn't use Cloudflare.

External Services

These are the links to any external services and technologies listed above. Please reference them and contact the external body if questions come up.