Privacy 🕵️

Details on the services used and minimal tracking in place on this website.

Last updated: 20/02/2022

Hey there!

My opinions on transparency and privacy are clear and blunt - everything should always centre around protecting and informing the user. That's why this document exists; I'll be telling you exactly what technology and services I use to run this site so you know whether you want to stay on it or not.

This document is split up into two main sections: functional and analytical. Details on what each of these terms mean can be found in the definitions section.

As always, if you have any questions that aren't answered in this document, feel free to get in touch and I'll respond as quickly as I can.

Table of Contents


This section sets out some basic definitions for this document. For the most part, they'll be referenced to with definitions throughout this document; this is just here to set a ground level.

  • (The) Site/Website/Page - this refers to and other websites related to or owned by HTBrown.
  • Functional - this refers to technologies and services that are required for this website's basic function; they are always active.
  • Analytical - this refers to technologies and services that are used for collecting data on how the website is used and functions, including but not limited to: country accessed from, load times, debug information. These are activated when you click the "Got it!" button on the banner at the bottom of the site when you first visit.
  • Internal - services hosted by (including custom services and open-source projects) HTBrown.
  • External - services hosted outside of HTBrown.


These services and technologies are required for basic functionality on this website and are always active.

  • Cloudflare (external) - used for SSL on most services, DNS, basic caching and basic analytics such as current active sessions.
  • Cookies (not hosted) - stored locally on your device for some functions of the website (e.g: remembering a decision for a banner).
  • GitHub (external) - used for open-source code hosting and hosting some websites through GitHub Pages.
  • Google Fonts (external) - used for site-wide fonts.
  • Google Cloud Platform (external) - hosting of branding assets using Google Cloud Platform S3 buckets.
  • Jekyll (not hosted) - used for generating a static version of the website. No data is collected.
  • jQuery (internal) - used for functions on some pages, internally hosted. No data is collected.
  • Directus (internal) - used for back-end hosting of content for pages. No data is collected.
  • Unpkg (external) - used for serving of some content such as icons.
  • Vercel (external) - used for hosting of some websites (if used, removes Cloudflare SSL).


These services and technologies are strictly used for basic analytical purposes including but not limited to: IP tracking, basic location tracking (country), basic usage data, load times, debug data. These are only active if the "Got it!" button is clicked on the banner at the bottom of the page when you first visit the site.

  • Cloudflare - Cloudflare may collect some data for their own analytical purposes through DNS and basic caching and some is collected for basic analytics on their dashboard. See their policies below.
  • Google - Google may collect some data for their own analytical purposes through Google Fonts and GCP. See their policies below.

External Policies

These are the privacy policies of the external services and technologies listed above. Please reference them and enquire with the external body if you have queries.