Terms of Service

HTBrown Terms of Service
Last updated: 01/05/19
Copyright © Hayden Brown 2019.

I, the company, me refers to HTBrown and myself (Hayden Brown). You, yourself, the consumer, the customer refers to yours truly.

1. Warranties

Warranties, while not often given, can be discussed in the briefing stage of commissioning me. The time period of said warranty will depend on what's been negotiated.

2. Hosting

Hosting is completely free for static websites (websites that don't require a database etc.) and will be hosted by GitHub (a popular code sharing website) Pages, privately. If any other hosting is required, either I can provide it for a monthly fee, or you can purchase hosting yourself.

3. Domains

A domain is required for all sites. You can either purchase it yourself, or let me find the cheapest option and purchase it for you. Please note that if I do find the domain, I may add a charge on top of the domain charge. This will always be disclosed, and will usually be cheap.

4. CDN Use

If you have a CDN you would like to have me use for the website, please disclose this when contacting me about your product. CDNs are not provided by me, and you will have to get one yourself if you would like one.

5. Payment

Products will not be released to the customer until payment has been processed and collected, then they will be sent by the customer's preferred method of contact. Rights to files will remain with me until payment has been received.

6. Refunds

Unfortunately, I am unable to accept refunds unless something else has been arranged.