Privacy Policy

HTBrown Privacy Policy
Last updated: 24/05/19
Copyright © Hayden Brown 2019.

I, the company, me refers to HTBrown and myself (Hayden Brown). You, yourself, the consumer, the customer refers to yours truly.

By using my website you are agreeing to the privacy policy listed below.

1. Cookies

My websites may use cookies and other types of local storage to store information such as user preferences. It's to make your user experience better. This information is completely stored within your web browser, and none of it is stored elsewhere. To add to that, Google AdSense may use cookies and/or web beacons to serve you tailored adverts, and just advertisements in general. For Google's privacy policy, please see the list of 3rd party privacy policies below.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics may be used on my websites to track information such as the approximate location, IP address, host, operating system and web browser. This is purely for research purposes. This information may also be available to Google.

3. Your information

Your information is yours, and will not be viewed by anyone but me or the following companies (privacy policies linked):

4. Who I collect data from

I do not (knowingly) collect data from minors, and do not advertise towards minors.

5. Updates

This privacy policy can be updated at any time. By agreeing to it, you are also agreeing that you accept any changes made in the future.

6. Questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected]