About / Hayden Brown

Who is Hayden?

Hello! My name is Hayden Brown, as you could probably tell from the title of this website. This is my humble corner of the internet.

I am a fully self-taught full-stack developer and learning graphics designer from the East Midlands, UK, and I have an interest in technology and music. I'm also learning music production!

If you feel the need to contact me, you can do so by emailing me or by contacting me through Discord; my tag is hayden#7084.


What technology do you have?

You can see my computers and things by looking at my technology page.

Do you have a portfolio?

I now have a projects page that you can take a look at. If you want to see more (probably less polished and relevant) projects, take a look at my GitHub page.

What programming languages do you know?

JavaScript, C#, C++, Java, Python (unfortunately), Go and a little bit of PHP.
There's probably more, but that's what I can remember at the moment.

What did you use to make this website?

HTML (of course), SCSS and a little bit of JavaScript. It's hosted on Vercel and uses Jekyll as a CMS.